5 reviews for Teeth Gems

  1. johnny_begood (verified owner)

    simple & easy. Clear stones. i like

  2. Mike Harold (verified owner)

    Could’ve came with instructions so that helped! OVerall pretty easy to apply yourself. Not a forever thing. I use when I want to look cool for the weekend!

  3. kaci welch (verified owner)

    the stones are a good shiny quality. they serve their purpose ($6 for 10 stones) but still doesn’t beat getting the professional version thats permanent done for $200.

  4. bobby_v (verified owner)

    It’s the fad and like it!

  5. woo_goo (verified owner)

    the stones sparkle good. wish they came with glue but I used regular super glue and attached that way. so far i’ve had 2 on for a 4 days.

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