5 reviews for Large & Little Ball Ring

  1. Krystal_Skates

    I like just not big as I was hoping for. I wear a 10 ring size but this is more like 8 or something. It has some stretch but don’t go crazy or you might break it 😂

  2. Mara

    Beautiful ring. Simple & minimal.

  3. jenny

    There were no reviews so I took a gamble and ordered, and I’m very pleased. It’s shiny, and looks great on. It’s about a size 6.5-7, but it’s adjustable. Very lightweight. This style of ring costs a lot more elsewhere, so if you are mulling it over, take a chance like I did, you’ll love it.

  4. tammy e

    Such a great ring for the price. No discoloration, no irritation. I’ve been in showers, hot tubs, and pools with this ring and have subjected it to all types of lotions and oils and it looks exactly the same as when I received it.

  5. Ginger Phipps

    ANOTHER favorite!!! Added to my collection, it is uniquely designed and love the way it feels on my finger. It is a perfect UNIQUE ring.

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