8 reviews for Do It Yourself Ear Piercing Gun

  1. Mrs. Ebanks

    So glad I bought this! Claires tried to charge me $35 for piercing my son’s one ear! Excellent experience with ARZO!

  2. noigjamie

    painless & easy

  3. billybob_

    only thing i didnt notice is that it only comes with 1 earring not two,other than that i really like it. i pierced my own ear.

  4. rene

    very easy to do it yourself. Will be buying another one since it comes with only 1 earring. thanks

  5. Sara Benson (verified owner)

    I didn’t even know this was a thing! I would’ve purchased this when COVID-19 first started. It’s very easy to use; I researched a lot about this DIY piercing tool before I bought it including how to use. The needle/ nose bone is already in place so all you have to do is mark where you want it, insert the round bottom part in your nose (gross, I know), and squeeze until you hear it “click”. Yea it felt like a pinch in my nose but everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Just be weary about the aftercare too!!!

  6. PJ (verified owner)

    Every is going to have a different experience when using the same product. This is my first nose piercing, and I decided to do it at home. The reason being, I’ve heard complaints from people who have had their nose piercings done at shops, and they didn’t like it because it was too high or too low. Or it just didn’t wasn’t in the best place. So I never went to have my nose pierced. Once I knew I could do it home, I decided to go for it. I could chose exactly where I wanted it to go, and take my time finding the best spot for me. I was too nervous to do it myself so I had a friend do it. We did a count down, and it was over in seconds. The appliance worked exactly as described, and that’s it! It didn’t hurt much. If you’re thinking about using this product, go ahead! It’s inexpensive and one time use. I purchased the 2 pack, just in case we fumbled.

  7. queen b (verified owner)

    Anyone who complained is a fool! For a first time piercing it went well my girlfriend did it and had no problem quick and easy and went right thru first try. Pain level was maybe a 1.5 out of 10, Wow saved a bunch of money is all I can say! Def a greaaaaaat investment.

  8. rayan peters (verified owner)

    I have severe social anxiety so I refuse to let some random person pierce my nose. I was a little worried I couldn’t push it to make the spring go. My hubby watched a 2 min video (should of been 12 seconds in my opinion). But here we are one side done. Looking forward to doing a few more. 🖤

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