7 reviews for Crystal Pearls Stud Asymmetrical Earrings

  1. John Brown

    my wife loved it, new style using 2 pieces. 🤩

  2. mele

    Very elegant, small size,I love them cant wait to use them.

  3. Kaykay

    Its so cute I love it, I bought it for my self it’s comfortable and beautiful. ☺️

  4. RebeccaRowland

    what you see is what you get! I always get compliments when i wear these!! 😉

  5. rosa sparks

    easy to put on and look good

  6. Yasmine Goldston

    I brought these earrings for myself and I am very pleased with them. I put them in my ear and they are so beautiful and look very pretty on my ears. I will be buying more and the price is excellent. Happy customer

  7. tara

    I love these earrings, so versatile. I get lots of compliments everytime I wear them. Very unique and beautiful.

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