4 reviews for 7 Chakra Bead Bracelet

  1. Resse

    I recommend getting these if you know someone you love will appreciate it. These are made very well. They don’t look cheap. I’ve seen bracelets that look exactly like these but cost hundreds more. Looks great on men and women. Very unisex look. Chic, sleek, cheap and to the beat! Lol

  2. Arunde Nwaha

    In reality much more lovely than I suspected it would be – acceptable purchase at the price. For the cost, it is a pleasant beaded bracelet. The look of the wristband is incredible. Actually a decent arrangement.

  3. Chris James

    Love this bracelet! The colors are vibrant and it’s solid. Its been a month now I bought it and wear it at least 5/7 days!

  4. Jose’ Castillo

    I was worried that the stones would be different or “cheap” looking; however, they are just as expected and are absolutely beautiful!

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