Wanted Fashion Interns!

@ShopArzo #FashionTruck Showroom Intern.
Must be social media, digital marketplace, e-commerce savvy and have basic photography editing skills.
Located in Washington, DC.
Flexible schedule. 

Compensation for this internship is stipend and commission based. 


Contact for more info:

info@shoparzo.com / 855-202-6222

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Name Your Price Sale!

It’s The End of Summer… Lets Make a Deal! You Name Your Price Sale! Arzo Women Clothing XS-3XL, Jewelry & Accessories Starting at $1! Everything Must GO! Call 855-202-6222 or Email: info@shoparzo.com to schedule #FashionTruck or Showroom Appt. #DC #MD #VA Only. #ShopArzo

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Street Boutique Baltimore

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Street Boutique

#StreetBoutiqueDC is complete! Thank You to everyone who helped make this mission a success.

Click the link below to see photos from the event.http://www.graceperiodnp.com/street-boutique-dc/

For more information about Grace Period a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization please visitwww.GracePeriodNP.com

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Street Boutique – Giving Back To The Community

As Albert Einstein said, ‘The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving’. Volunteering and lending a hand in a charitable campaign has long been considered a commendable practice, and allows people to help those, who are in need of aid and finance. A person who has been providing such services for a long time now is Grace Amazin.

Grace Amazin is an enthusiastic and female entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has been working as a business model for quite some time now. Alongside her entrepreneurial journey, Grace has been extensively involved in activities, which aims towards giving back to the community. From the age of 26 when she opened her first business, Grace has been working hard and the rewards of her commitment to give back to the community are some of the platforms such as Grace Period 501(c)(3) and a fashion truck called Shop Arzo.

According to Antonia Fraser, ‘We are privileged – there are poor people out there. We must do something to make them privileged’. Following such principles in life Grace Amazin started Grace Period, which is a non-profit organization and helps in holding fundraisers, school supplies & toy donations, and providing under-served children, with the right type of knowledge to make a brighter future, globally. The organization provides life-coaching skills, entrepreneurship workshops, mentoring and guidance, in order to provide children with the encouragement they need to prosper in life. The aim of the organization is to help the unprivileged youth of the world, and lead them towards a better and more successful path.

Shop Arzo is an online boutique & fashion truck, which serves as a platform to provide women & men with clothes & accessories, which are a blend of the latest fashion, and the chic trends being worn in the fashion industry. The platform basically began as a brick and mortar, clothing boutique on U ST NW Washington, DC. Seeing the expanding need and demand of online shopping and mobility, it was recently turned into a fashion truck, for the convenience of women & men. With its sister company i.e. Grace Period, the two are looking forward to holding a day of fashion & style shopping for those in need, with the Street Boutique.

What is Street Boutique?
Street Boutique is exactly as it sounds, a street boutique. The street boutique is an open clothing & shoes boutique on the street corner of 10th & U ST NW Corridor in Washington, DC. The campaign encourages people to drop by and contribute through giving up their used and un-used clothes and shoes, so the needy can shop at their own choice, for free.

The campaign is lead by Grace Amazin herself and is a product of a blend of two of her brands– Arzo and Grace Period. So, for people who are privileged to have clothing & shoes that they no longer love and are living in Washington DC & the DMV area make it to Street Boutique this month & add your contributions. Give back to the community for a great cause!

For more information visit www.GRACEPERIODNP.com

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Image result for four fashion views of fashion

Whether you are an Aspiring designer, Model or Fashion enthusiast, you just love knowing more about how this industry works. How creativity Sparks your life, ignites your curiosity and excites your desires.

Fashion illustrators use four views when drawing a model. Imagine yourself trying on an outfit and looking in the mirror. What views do you try to get to determine whether a look is for you? Here are the four views you see and should take the most notice as you turn slowly from front to back:

     a) The Front view

     b) The Three-quarter view

     c) The Side view

     d) The Back view


Facing forward: The front view

Artists often consider the front view the easiest to draw. Imagine looking straight on at a person or at yourself in the mirror. The front view allows you to see a complete view of both sides of the body, keeping the imaginary center front line exactly down the middle. You take note of your shoulders, your waist, and generally how well the garment complements your frontal view (face, shape, built).

The front view is great for fashion illustration because seeing all the details is easy; clothes hang well and look fun! Add the angled shoulders and hips that convey attitude in fashion drawing, and you have a great start on fashion illustrations.

Teasing yourself & the viewer with the three-quarter view

Think about the stars on the red carpet posing for pictures. As they pose, they tend to turn their bodies slightly for a slimming effect and bring one foot forward. This pose is referred to as the three-quarter view. The three-quarter view allows you to see the front of the body, but one side is shown more than the other.

In the figure, you can see a sexy yet demure three-quarter view that shows more of the figure’s left arm than her right. Compare this to the front view, in which you can see both arms equally well.

With the three-quarter view, the head can face any direction; play with various directions for different looks, lighting and feelings. Drawing the three-quarter view is a bit advanced, but that makes it all the more fun to explore, so don’t let it scare you!

Turning to the side view

You may not see or use the side view as much as the other views, but it’s great for showing the side details of a dress or the way a coat nips in at the back waist. The side view is also a high fashion and creative way to show a wedding dress or evening gown. It is also VERY useful when trying skin tight clothing (mini dress, mini skirt, bathing suit, pants/leggings).

When drawing, capturing the side view can be tricky, but with a little practice, your side views will have just as much attitude as your rockin’ front views.

Spinning around to see the back view

The back view is really only needed to show — yep, you guessed it — the back of a garment. Think about all the types of clothing where straining to see your back end is important. Jeans, jeans, and more jeans, without a doubt! And strapless dresses or other types of revealing clothing often have you trying for a good view of the back as well.

Fashion artists often use back views in fashion illustration as companions to the front views of a design. Many times, a design includes both the front and back views to give a detailed look at the garment.

The best part about drawing the back view is that it’s almost exactly the same as drawing the front view. With a few minor changes, drawing a figure from the back view comes as naturally as drawing one from the front.

So the next time you find yourself in a changing room, watching a fashion show or doing fashion sketches, take note of these views.

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